Dejavu Lilac Time - Her Story

One Cat's Battle with Pemphigus

A Cat's Struggle with Pemphigus

Lucy came to us in early 2008 as a healthy, happy little girl. She had just been weaned of her last litter of kittens and had been desexed. She waved goodbye to the last of her babies and boarded a plane with her brother for an interstate trip. At this stage her only known health problem was a strange crusting which appeared on her eyes perhaps at times of stress.


Lucy spent her first few days confined to the laundry to get used to her new home. She was already an expert at hiding.

When allowed to roam the house she made herself very comfortable with the family and spent a lot of time on my daughter's bed.


Lucy is a Birman with Lilac Point colouring. On arrival here she was just over three years old.